Women on 20’s

AliceSalutesA Women’s Place is On the Money!

This is one of the coolest public advocacy campaigns I have run across in a while. There is an effort underway to encourage President Obama to put a female on a 20 dollar bill.

Because currently all U.S. paper currency depicts males.

Yet, the American buying power is clearly wielded by women who make the majority of household purchases.

We need one of our own in our wallets.

Here’s how it works – go to the website womenon20s.org and you can see the candidates.  Each day through February they will highlight a new, influential women in our nation’s history, a total of 15!.

Then on March 1st we vote.

And the women who wins that popular vote will then be the one advocated for by the organization (and hopefully many women like us) to be the new face of the U.S. $20 bill.

It’s about time the faces in our pocketbooks matched our own.

Visit the site today and don’t forget to vote on March 1st!

One comment

  1. While I do like the idea, they really blew it by leaving it to a public polling. No slight on Harriet Tubman (who won), but doesn’t it make a heck of a lot more sense to mark the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment by going with the person who, more than anyone else, is directly responsible for that amendment? Especially when that person is a woman?

    That’s a photo of her at the top of this post….


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