We’re Back!

Shattered Glass is now back as Shattering the Glass – a little more active and a little less settled fact.  It befits our times, right?

So what is different besides the name?  Well, more original content for one.  I have enlisted an army of intelligent, thoughtful women from a wide variety of professions and backgrounds to give you their insights.  Each is going to be writing on a topic that they are an expert in and so I hope you will find it both engaging and informative.  From young women in college to seasoned professionals I hope their take on the world will make you think, and compel you to act.

This week we start with Hope Jay, a family court attorney and Buffalo School Board Member who is an expert in abuse and domestic violence.  Then Vanessa Glushefski, a tax attorney who works in state government, mother of 4 (including a new baby!) and who was a candidate for Erie County Comptroller last year,  She writes on issues of women’s empowerment.  Others will be added to the site as they offer their written or video submissions so stay tuned!

My hope is to get a post out every week day – through social media and on the website – that brings you original content.  And then on Friday we will wrap it up with highlights from the week and of course the posts about news stories about breaking through that glass.

So, welcome back to Shattering the Glass!  Can you please take a moment to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter?  And tell your friends to sign up for our Friday newsletter – its free and now full of more engaging content.





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