How Our Careers Affect Our Children (AKA Ladies, put down that broom and pick up a glass of wine!)

nov18_14_694668445-768x432Normally I would highlight this in the weekly email, but the news was too good not to share right away.

Ladies, put down your brooms for the sake of your children!

From the article:  “For mothers, on the other hand, having authority and discretion at work was associated with mentally healthier children. That is, we found that children benefit if their mothers have control over what happens to them when they are working.  Further, mothers spending time on themselves — on relaxation and self-care — and not so much on housework, was associated with positive outcomes for children.”

Whaaattt?  More wine and less dusting!  I am all in!  Thank you Harvard Business Review

Find the full article at:


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