Bad A** Women

by Diana Cihak

teepee womanLet’s do a deeper dive into that change from hunter-gatherer or grower and the effect that it must have had on women.

Imagine for a moment that you are that women in a tribe of hunters and gatherers.  You are probably extremely organized and amazingly resourceful.  You have to pack up your entire house every few days, weeks or maybe if you are lucky months and walk to the next location.  With all of your earthly possessions and any babies you may have on your back (or in your arms).

You would be a bad ass at packing!

And when you settle into your new location you have to re-set up the household, take care of the kids and find at least some of your own food for the day.

I betcha you are pretty self-sufficient, having known no other way of living.  #very day was a matter of life and death.  While the men are off hunting for the day, or for days, you fend off the wild animals who have an eye on the little baby butt running circles around you as you forage for berries and wild vegetables.  You set up a safe location for that same child to learn and grow when the world is full of so dangers known and unknown.

Yes, it was great to have a man who brought home the meat.  But in the end did you really need him for survival?  I think you probably had it all taken care of on the home front.

And then you moved “to town.”

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