Anti-Feminist Women

by Diana Cihak

im-an-old-fashioned-woman-men-should-take-care-of-women-7165363I have thought a lot about the women who abhor feminism.  I grew up in Kansas (no Cecily and I did not grow up together but we bond over seeing Kansas in our rearview mirror).  Kansas is a deep red state.  Lots of conservative values and fundamentalist Christians.  They don’t care too much for those damn feminists (though in Kansas’s defense they have had a female governor and this bluer than blue state where I now live has not).

I once came across the meme above of this stern, matronly looking women with grey helmet hair who believes women shouldn’t be able to vote.  BUT SHE’S A STATE SENATOR!!

Her name is Kay O’Conner and here is an article in the Washington Post about her (deeply offensive) viewpoint.

What the…. ????

That to me is the embodiment of women who are thinking, acting and voting against their own best interests.

There is a book called “What’s the Matter with Kansas – How Conservatives Won the Heart of America” by Thomas Frank.  If I was to paraphrase the entire premise of the book in a sentence or two it would be this:  He describes how Kansas farmers would go out and campaign for a candidate – give them money, knock on doors for them, vote for them and ask their friends and family to do the same.  That same candidate would be campaigning on the fact that he was going to give their family farm, the one that had been in their family for generations, to big agri-business.  Why in the world would someone actively campaign FOR someone who was going to give away their family’s legacy and livelihood?  The answer:  abortion, gay marriage and liberal values.  They are so worried that the world is coming down around them, that life is changing so fast, that they will give it all away for someone to tell them that things will remain the same.

Fear.  It is all based on fear.

And they may or may not be consciously aware of the fact that fear is controlling them and that others are using that fear to exploit them.

That, in my strong opinion, is the same for women who fear feminism.


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