Fear of Feminism

By Diana Cihak

phyllisthedevilherselfWhy would a woman push back so hard against someone who wants to offer her equality?

Give her a raise so she makes the same as her male counterpart?

Let her be empowered to make her own decisions about her healthcare and her body?

Be respected and admired for her intelligence and accomplishments in the public sphere and the workplace?

Be encouraged towards leadership?

Feel safe and free from sexual harassment and assault as an accepted norm?

All sounds pretty good to me.

But Women For Trump are not asking for any of those things.

What they are asking for is to maintain the white male dominance.  Because it is the white men that protect them.

They have been brought up to believe that without a white male in power they will be vulnerable.

And society has reinforced that notion as it has always sought to protect white women above all others.

But that “protection” comes at a deep cost, not only to the women themselves who are then enslaved to the desires of the men who protect them, but also to the rest of society.

It costs women of color who are not a protected class, not held on the same societal pedestal as white women.

It costs white men by creating this culture of toxic masculinity that says they have to be strong and withhold their feelings so that they can protect these white women.

It costs any who are gender non-conforming, gay or bisexual, even if they are white women, because they do not hold up the ideal of white womanhood as the sexualized yet virginal epitome of what should be protected.

And it is all driven by fear.

A fear that has been cultivated by our society since we started gathering in villages and needed protection from our marauding neighbors.

See how I came full circle there?  Thanks for sticking with me…

Well, what now?

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