What’s In Your Wallet?

by Cecily Rodriguez

whatsinyourwalletThe #MeToo movement has lead to many industries having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad couple of years. I don’t know about you, but for awhile I couldn’t watch a movie, eat out, or even listen to/watch/read my favorite news sources without wondering if any of the men involved had assaulted or harassed a woman.

If you’d like to dip your toe into the depths of this, here’s a list of 201 men and 3 women accused of sexual harassment and/or assault. To be clear, these are JUST the high-profile individuals with direct connection to the #MeToo movement (in other words, just a fraction of the actual predators out there). They cut across ethnicities, ages, and industries.

On a side note, there is a disturbingly high number of our elected officials represented on this list. At 40-something, I’m still naïve enough to be surprised by this.

We need a word for the guilt that goes along with supporting and loving the work of these men over the years…why Charlie Rose, why? It’s not survivor’s guilt. Maybe Supporter’s Guilt?

Whatever you call it, I have it.

I L.O.V.E.D. The Cosby Show. I watched every episode as a kid and then rewatched them as a mom with my daughter. WTAF Dr. Huxtable?

Morgan Freeman apparently took the whole kiss the girl thing literally. Damn you man!

And Morgan Spurlock known for brilliant documentaries such as Super Size Me, where he would make himself a participant in the exposé, apparently should have immersed himself in the life of a sexually assaulted woman. SMH.

I’m an avid supporter of improving the world for women. I’m a #BelieveHer kind of gal who votes at both the polls and with my wallet.

Your CEO creates and promotes a culture of sexual harassment and assault? Hello Uber. My money goes to Lyft or the subway or my own two feet. You sang and wrote some legendary songs? Yeah you Robert Sylvester Kelly. My Spotify playlist gets purged. You like to take care of “private matters” in front of unwilling women and were never that funny to begin with? Ewwww CK Louis. Mmmm-kay weirdo, I’ll stick with tickets to Seinfeld.

At the rate we’re going, I should have $5M in savings by next week because I can hardly buy anything anymore without supporting a predator. Ok, the only way I’d ever have $5M in savings is if Target went out of business.

I’m sorry for all the women who were the victims of these predators. I’m sorry for all of the families and friends of the women who had to watch their loved one go through what she did. And I’m sorry for all of us who have unknowingly loved and supported the work of these men WHILE they were drugging, raping, harassing, betraying, demeaning, forcing, and intimidating 1000s and 1000s of our sisters. F$%&ers.

The only cure for Supporters Guilt is staying vigilant about how I vote with my wallet. In case you think my wallet doesn’t wield power, Bloomberg says it does. The exact quote from the recent article:

“If the consumer economy had a sex, it would be female”

Women account for $7,000,000,000,000 (that’s Trillion in case you’ve never seen that many zeros) of consumer and business spending in the US alone. With $7T, I would buy my very own Target complete with Starbucks AND a wine bar, plus childcare and I’d let all my friends shop for free! I got you gurl.

Ladies, what we do with our wallets matters a hell of a lot more than the memes and posts we share. I dare say it matters as much or maybe even more than what we do in the voting booth (don’t yell at me) because based on that list I mentioned earlier, we’re unknowingly voting predators into office. Still, don’t you dare give up your power to vote!

With our wallets, we can literally shut down every company run by a misogynistic, sexually harassing, sexually assaulting CEO, President, VP, entrepreneur, founder, owner, principal, out there.

With our wallets, we tell companies and Boards and HR departments and cultures to stop spending wasting millions of dollars and hours covering up this predatory behavior. To stop seeing women as less and men as more.

From now on, every time you hear Jennifer Garner ask, “What’s in your wallet?” I want you to remember this…in your wallet you have

  • the power to end predators’ careers
  • the power to end or prevent a predator’s access to our daughters, sisters, friends, and selves
  • the power to force to companies to choose between protecting women or losing $7T
  • the power to change the world for women

What’s in your wallet? The power, plain and simple.





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