Cecily Rodriguez

Shift your perspective…

cecily bioI’ve had many perspectives in my life. I’ve been a Midwesterner and a New Yorker, a Republican and a Democrat, a corporate climber and a semi-stay-at-home mom, Hispanic and White, an employee and an owner, a student and a professor, a success and (what some would call) a failure.

All of this helps me have a wider perspective, which I use to help others shift theirs. I help them think about things differently so they can move forward in their careers and lives.

This is work I would do for free if I could, but like most people, I can’t. So, several years ago I founded Shift Happens, LLC a consulting firm focused on Organizational Development, Human Resources, Career-Coaching, Facilitation, and Team Building.

I have a couple degrees (BA, MS) and several certifications that say, “hey, I know what I’m doing” like the Professional in Human Resources (PHR), MBTI, DISC, Creative Problem Solving, Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360 and the Mutual Learning Approach. And I have the lengthy resume showing my work in coaching, training, and leadership development which I did across the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific in industries like manufacturing, engineering, banking, education, and non-profit.

Just like you, I’m more than my resume and credentials. I’m a fierce, feminist mama who is doing my part to raise the next generation of women who won’t take all the s^%t women have taken. I’m a ride-or-die friend to some pretty awesome women. I’m a professor who expects my students to think critically and bigger and kinder. I’m a founder and a follower of organizations that in some way bring women together.

I’m a perfectly flawed human being who spends too much on coffee, gets too little sleep, swears A LOT, has to rewash the laundry, and who wishes somebody else would take out the damn garbage.

Just doing my best to be the real me and change the world in a real way.