Hope Jay

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A column for every woman who has ever questioned her self worth.

 I choose to write about survival of intimate partner abuse because it’s a life altering journey too many women have endured. It may interest you to know that I am educated by way of a Masters in Social Work and a Law degree, and I have devoted my practice over 25 years to the field of domestic violence. I have written extensively on this topic, developed training and support groups, and  I have prosecuted abusers and advocated through the legal system for victims of domestic violence in both criminal and family court. Some may even say I am an expert in this field.

But I think the thing that qualifies me to write this column more than any degree I hold or any professional experience I possess, is that I am also a survivor of intimate partner abuse. My intellect, experience and strength did not serve to make me immune to this experience. I hope by sharing my story that I can help other women overcome the shame that we feel as victims, and to find the strength to leave your abuser. There is a real opportunity as you push through this very difficult process to learn, and grow, and become stronger and more self aware; and ultimately, to heal. xoxoxoxo

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